Work, play, and a robin

Howdy all. Yes, I am still alive out here — just been working too much lately and no time to stamp. Boo. Took a break from work today to make some cards for The RubberStamper Magazine, but nothing I can show you — wish I could though! Hopefully they use some of the cards and you can see them in July — they’re for the July issue.

It’s still cold here — 34 degrees at 3:17 in the afternoon. Not good bike weather. Been going for walks, but I miss my bike rides — it cracked 45 on Tues so that was my last one. Hopefully this robin has the right idea and spring will be here soon!

3 Replies to “Work, play, and a robin”

  1. Great artistic picture, Lisa. Spring will come. Have been out skiing all morning and by noon the snow was mashed potatoes. So even in the high country nature is on course.

    Had kinda hoped for a Lisa Valentine. I always love your original ideas.

  2. i love the blue,blue sky. it is -9 here today with the wind chill, yet i know that spring is coming and the earth is preparing. so i will patiently wait(in the warmth of my home) and i will treasure that robins photo until he arrives in person in connecticut.
    stop working so hard! have some tea, relax and know that we will wait for your artistic postings, they are worth it.

  3. Cold??? 34 deg would feel like summer time!!! My car looks like an igloo. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I want summer time.

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