To Paris and back: Day 1

We went to Paris this weekend — Paris, TX, that is! We left Austin around 11 AM, and got to our first stop around 4 PM — Manning Meadow, a 300 acre prairie near Wills Point. We didn’t have much daylight left, so we started right in!

There were lots of windflowers blooming in white, purple, and shades in between — they are our first wildflower to bloom here in Austin too, and a sure sign that spring is on the way.

I love walking around on (in?) prairies. Especially as the sun is going down. The sun touches each blade of grass, every leaf, and makes it golden.

As the sun slipped below the horizon some coyotes started singing — love that sound.

It started getting dark on the way back to the car, and we got to see Venus rising. So pretty and peaceful. (Click on the pic for a better view of Venus.)

After we got back to the car we drove on to Mt. Vernon, where we met B.F. Hicks, his brother Sid, and Rex, a friend of his. B.F. had asked us if we’d like to stay in a church that was built in the 1800’s that he restored — and we are so glad we accepted — it was wonderful. Not to mention the repast he greeted us with — cornbread fresh from the oven, salad, various cheeses, grapes — and the crowning jewel — fresh homemade whipped cream with homemade persimmon jam that Rex had made. YUM. It was the first time we had ever met any of them, but the lively conversation made us feel right at home.

Pictures of the church, Daphne Prairie (owned by B.F. and his brothers) and more coming tomorrow!

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  1. Looking forward to Part II, Lisa. I saw Venus in the mountain sky…amazing. Love, Louise

  2. Spent the wee hours of this morning catching up on my fav blogs. New to your blog, I was so pleasantly surprised and delighted to read a naturalists report in among the card recipes! Your awesome photos and richly detailed descriptions take me back to a time when my days were filled with observing and apprreciating our wild lands instead of wild kids, LOL! Thanks so much for the time you took posting links and additional newsy notes. It makes me want to pack my bags and travel to TX to search out prairies!

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