To Paris and back: Day 2, Part 1: The church

Well, I was going to do “To Paris and back” as a 2 part series, but when I looked through my photos of the church where spent Saturday night I discovered too many that I want to share! So Day 2 will now be split up into several posts. Today’s post will just cover the church.

The night before we had arranged with Sid for him to meet us at the church and roll out to Daphne Prairie at 8:00 — so I wrestled myself up out of our comfy bed to grab a quick shower and have some time to see the church in the morning light.

The kitchen was full of neat antiques, and I really enjoyed looking at them as I munched a poppyseed kolache.

The stained glass windows in the dining room were beautiful.

Then I headed upstairs to see the church proper.

I wish I knew more about the history of the church and all of the items in it. B.F. has invited us back, so hopefully I will find out!

Then we loaded up David’s car and headed out to Daphne Prairie. With a start like that, how could it not be a great day?

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  1. Thanks to B.F. Hicks for the hospitality!!!

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