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Hello Spring!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I have been pretty swamped and haven’t had time for much beyond work. All work and no play makes Lisa a bad blogger. Ha!

I do appreciate your emails asking if I’m okay, makes me feel wanted! I’m going to try to pick back up blogging again — don’t be surprised if you see a bunch from me today to try and get caught up!

This photo was taken on Sunday — it’s of a Mexican Plum. Oh wow did it smell good, wish I could bottle that smell up — mmmmm. I cropped part of it to use for a new banner — wanted to freshen up. Hello Spring!

6 thoughts on “Hello Spring!”

  1. Love the pic! I took a picture of some sort of plum the other day but don’t think it was a mexican plum.
    If I have a good enough close up I’ll try to send it and see if you and identify it. It was a huge tree, 25-30ft. tall.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Your Blog is Always so pretty!
    Love your new banner. Would you Mind to say what the font is that you used?
    Thank you!

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