4 Replies to “04.12.07”

  1. Lisa,
    What an awesome update via a library catalog card. I tried my hand at making one too, thanks for the link. Sorry to hear that your fever still came back, hope you get some rest over the weekend and are back to normal by monday at least.

  2. Reread my comment and it didn’t sound right, sight. Meant to say that I loved the way you used the library catalogue card to post an update. Sorry to hear that you are still sick. So my earlier post should have read ” What an awesome way to post via a ….”.

  3. Hi Lisa! I know you will feel better soon but don’t wait too long to go see a doctor… The Library card is so fun! I tried it too. How did you get yours to be the wonderful yellow though? Answer when you feel up to it.

  4. Hi Ann! I went to the doc Tues of last week and she put me on antibiotics — they really messed my stomach up, ugh.

    For the yellow library card — it just popped up! Try hitting the back button on your browser and re-submitting the form to see if you get it.

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