Thank you all…

…for all your get well wishes!

I’m still not 100%, but am on the road to recovery and feeling much better.

Spent most of Saturday reading or sleeping, but then Sunday I did some stamping. (Top secret stuff for a show that’s coming up. Can’t wait to share!)

Supply list and instructions for this card are here.

Love this bird’s tail, I keep trying to think of new ways to use it.

Did you see this one yet?

7 thoughts on “Thank you all…”

  1. Absolutely beautiful Lisa. You do great work. I’ve been looking for some of the H.A new stamps, but the stores around here aren’t stocking very much of them right now.

  2. Lisa, you are so wonderfully creative!! I look at the birds and see — birds. You look at them and see all kinds of backgrounds and swirls and whatnot!! Love your cards! They are some of the best designs around.

  3. I too just got my new HA birds. I am anxious to play with them. What a great package. It even had a card in it. Hope you feel better soon.
    Dawn B.

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