Plant of the month.

Jason: Working on the business presentation for the meeting tonight of the Austin chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas. I need a plant of the month.

Lisa: We should make it Barbara’s Buttons! You can use the pictures from my blog.

Jason: Hmmm, okay. But there aren’t any closeups.

Lisa: Hold one one sec, I’ll be right back. Runs out to front garden. Click.

The butterfly is a hairstreak — don’t ask me what species tho!  Note the fake antannae and eyes on the back wings — that’s to fool birds into going after that end so the butterfly can get away.  It works too, I have a photo or two to prove it around here somewhere.

3 Replies to “Plant of the month.”

  1. Oh boy, how did you manage to take such a perfect picture “on demand”!!! Awesome.

  2. Dawn Burnworth says:

    This is absolutely awesome. I love this picture. I really need to get a new lens for my camera. I love butterflies and flowers so the combo together makes my day.
    Dawn B.

  3. Hi Dawn!

    What kind of camera do you have? I usually use an 80-200 lens for butterfly shots (can still do hand held with it) but for this one I was already setup in place with the macro lens when the butterfly just happened to land there!


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