Getting ready for CHA

I’m going to be at CHA — anybody else reading this going? If so, you’ve gotta stop by the Hero Arts booth and say howdy!

Last week I stamped up a storm getting ready. Then over the weekend I took a breather from stamping to figure out what else I’d need.

The first “big” show I ever went to was CHA last year — I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it. One of the things I’ve learned while doing the shows is that the concession stand food really stinks. Blerg. Spendy too.

After a year of eating energy bars at shows I figured it was high time to do something about the lunch situation.

When we did our last priaire trip I got the idea to bring backpacking meals to eat — worked great! So now I’m going to apply that to the show as well. Of course I needed some new equipment for the occasion.

Insulated lunch bag:

Leak proof lunch box – I couldn’t decide between blue and silver, but finally went with silver:

And best of all, a groovy bottle that I can clip on to my laptop bag:

Sigg makes the bottle and the box — they have some awesome designs! Really well made. I got all of my stuff here, but they have not arrived yet so can’t vouch for ’em. I ‘ve seen the bottles before tho and they are sweet!

My big plan is to fix the food in the morning before I leave the hotel, then pack it up, munch down on my lunch break, and then have time to walk the show a bit before heading back to the booth. Woo hoo! And the food will be lots better to boot — lasagna, curries, and more. YUM.

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  1. Cool Stuff!!! Have a good time. Miss you!

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