Back to the drawing board.

Oh no, I just did a search and there are 2 more people with the blog title “little blog on the prairie”. Sigh. One doesn’t seem very active — looks like it has changed hosting places and is now private, and the other doesn’t blog much about prairie tho. What now?  Keep it?  Try something else? Hmmm.

little blog on the Texas prairie

little blog on the internet prairie

lisa’s little blog on the internet prairie

If you have any other ideas, post ’em here! And to make matters worse, it is pouring down rain again. Sigh.

3 Replies to “Back to the drawing board.”

  1. lisa’s blog on the prairie ?

  2. Vicki Bridges says:

    Hi Lisa, don’t you just hate when you have a perfect inspiration and someone else thought of it too? Sorry. But I do like the first choice best, Little blog on the Texas Prairie. I think it paints a better word picture that prairie alone.

    Best of luck and I enjoy your blog and creations!

  3. I have always liked the simplicity of your blog title. Easy to remember. Easy to find. But, here are some ideas for you:

    Pastime on the Prairie
    Ponderings from the Prairie

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