What I’ve been working on the past 2 weekends…

…when I wasn’t biking, hiking, cooking, washing clothing, grocery shopping, reading, stamping or something. (Notice how those all activities ended in “ing”. Hee hee.)

You can click on the image to view it larger. It’s my first ever magazine ad — Jason volunteered me to do it. It’s to appear in the October issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine — 1/3 page, woo hoo! (Don’t be concerned if this image seems fuzzy — this is a low-res version.)

I did the logo too — back in January — I should post that tomorrow.

I used this tool to do it — open source (FREE!) software that has most all functions of Photoshop.

I took the photo at last year’s symposium — at Cibolo Nature Center.

Hope some of you who are reading this from the great country state of Texas can come to the symposium — I’m on the planning committee and it’s going to be great, if I do say so myself.