Symposium logo

I did this back in January — it’s for the fall symposium of the Native Plant Society of Texas and the Native Prairies Association of Texas — see the ad in yesterday’s post — y’all are officially invited!

Some details:

  • I was trying to capture the feeling of being “in” the prairie — it’s always so alive — and things are at different depths and distances
  • The butterfly is a migrating monarch — they’ll be migrating during the symposium, we should get to see lots on our field trips — I traced it from a picture that I took at a prairie in the fall a few years ago
  • The flower that the monarch is on is salvia azurea, a pretty blue salvia — that’s another salvia azurea next to it
  • The background color is to represent the big blue Texas sky
  • The main font is a Frank Lloyd Wright “prairie school” font called Chelsea Studio — I downloaded it from here.  Smaller font is Copperplate Black that came with my Macbook.
  • The grasses were created by scanning real grass that I had saved — they are from our pocket priaire in the back garden — sideoats grama, big bluestem and little bluestem
  • I used this tool

I think that’s about it. I created a horizontal version too, with more fall prairie flowers in it and the text underneath. The logos are going to be printed on notepads, mugs, t-shirts, symposium brochures, letterhead, the registration booklet, proceedings, etc. I’ll post pictures in the fall.

Jason urged me to volunteer to do it, and I’m glad so he did. It was a bunch of work, but I had fun, too!

4 Replies to “Symposium logo”

  1. Love the logo that you have created!!

  2. Here in WI we watch for the monarchs to hatch and eat the milkweed that grows along the driveway. I enjoy hiking just over the border in IL where there is a mixture of bog, marsh, kames, savannahs, and prairies. Your illustration is just beautiful and is fitting for here in the Midwest as well. It would be great on a coffee mug!

  3. Hi Karen! I was in WI for the North American Prairie Conference 4 years ago, it was fun. Have you been to the prairie restoration at the University of Wisconsin Madison Arboretum? So neat. And Greene Prairie too! Our favorite was Avoca Prairie and Savanna State Natural Area, it was simply beautiful!

  4. […] it a bit in the coming days, but so far I likey. The font is called Siple, and the graphic is from the logo work I did for the Native Plant Society of Texas/Native Prairies Association of Texas fall […]

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