Started a new project!

I’ve been wanting to keep a journal for a while now — sort of an art/diary/nutrition/exercise/anything I wanted journal — finally found the right format for it when I spotted a small three ring binder on Friday. The binder lets me put in any size page, and I don’t have to worry about ink and such soaking through one page and getting on the next. I figure when it gets full, I’ll just take the pages out and use those stand-alone rings to hold it together.

Here’s the first page — it’s the motto for the whole book, saved it from a catalog cover:

It is sewn to a bit of canvas that has tissue paper stuck to it with acrylic paint — the tissue paper was saved from a clothing purchase — you know how they wrap tissue paper around your purchase before they put it in the bag? I thought it was neat! I even had a bit of the canvas left to make a bookmark, it’s peeking out of the top.

Then Sat and Sun I worked on the little Starbucks page — it’s on canvas — Jason and I met with a Nature Conservancy person to talk prairie there — I love looking at the posters and such at Starbucks, it always gives me ideas. The cup and polka dots are made from a nutritional pamphlet that I picked up — eeks, have you seen the calories on some of those concoctions?   The sideoats is a transfer — see the sideoats up there in the banner? I plan to sew it to something heavier to make another page.

First time I ever painted on canvas, it was fun — love how you can get different textures and build up colors. I’ve been writing nutritional stuff and cycling notes on graph paper and have those stuck in between the artsy pages.

Yay, I can’t wait to see where this leads! Makes me happy just thinking about it.

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  1. Love the notebook and especially your canvas pages! What a creative way to keep a journal. Very inspiring! I’ve been busy since coming home from my Creative Memories conference in Minneapolis a week ago, and am just now catching up on blogs. Yours is always a breath of fresh air and makes me long for Texas. Nature Conservancy is near & dear to my heart, too. I worked for the FL office for a few years before quitting to be a full-time mom. Have a great week!

  2. This painted canvas is wonderful. Your blog is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really lovely start to your journal. The canvas is so rich and yummy. I love that you made a journal start with removable pages and no rules. Enjoy the journey.

  4. This looks great – love the starbucks journal page, very cool!

  5. great journal! I am hoping to get one started when i get the kids back to school ( and off to college)-I need a place to focus my energy !

  6. Lisa, I’ve been thinking about your journal every day since you posted i! I wanted to hop back on here and encourage you to post more pics of your ar pages and journaling pages as you create them. I am really inspired!

  7. Love all the inspiration you’ve posted here in your wee corner of Bloggyland!

    I really like your binder you’ve used… could you help me further in finding this same binder? I love the 6 rings and it appears as though it has a translucent cover and the size isn’t overwhelming? I too would love to see more of your wonderful pages.

  8. Hi A. Sanborn! It’s from Matha Stewart Crafts — got it at Michael’s a while back.

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