Funniest get well card ever.

See how serene everything is? Then you just gotta read the modified card. Click on it to make it bigger. Laughed so hard my nosy hurt and I cried! Thanks, Scott. Really!

For y’all out there who aren’t prairie nuts, trees invade prairies — you gotta be vigilant about keeping the little suckers under control or in a few years the prairie will be replaced by trees — in this part of the world it’s a combo of juniper, mesquite, possomhaw, yaupon, non-native trees like Chinaberry, and vines like greenbrier and poison ivy. Scott and I have spent many hours lopping back new trees in area preserves, and Scott has been chainsawing down the bigger ones.

Or you can do a prescribed burn — that’s much less work and alot more fun! Tho — since people have built homes and businesses on the prairie, fire has been supressed. Prairie historians and restoration ecologists all agree that fire was a part of the prairie ecosystem. They disagree on the frequency of past fires, but the range was probably every 1-5 years. Fires were set by lightening and Native Americans. And the more time between a fire, the more fuel there is — which will kill more trees.

One more rambling point — I wish the media would educate people about fire and how it used to be a natural part of the American landscape. We need to build fire — prescribed burns — into land management plans so we don’t have situations like the recent California wildfires.

All that from one funny card!  Whew.

(No trees have been harmed in the creation of this blog post.)

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  1. Now then, what’s that part about you being a tour guide? You barely mentioned it in your 10/26 entry.

  2. The photo’s on the cards appear to be birch trees. I had three of them on my front lawn, then one just fell down. It just melted at the base. It was like it fell asleep as it rested serenely on my lawn. The arborist said that Birch trees only live about 30-40 years. So I cut down the other two… mostly out of safety concerns. Good thing, because one was rotting away. Of course one was still apparently healthy, so I felt kind of bad about that one. They were a pretty site.

  3. louise burns says:

    What fab fun! I just love humor like this. I am sure you and Jason had a good giggle. Let’s not take life too seriously I believe is Scott’s message here.

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