Make your own 2008 calendar!

After much searching of Etsy and stationary stores I officially gave up — there is no 2008 calendar that I like well enough to look at for a whole year that will work for what I want to use it for.

What’s a girl to do?

Correction: what’s a STAMPER to do?

Hmmmmmm….I wonder.

Yep, make your own!

I made mine on Saturday in just a few hours. Liked it so much I decided to stop using the free calendar that I had been using all year — one of the ones with pictures of animals that need saving, always made me feel guilty — and make pages for November and December too.

I set a few ground rules for myself:

  • I had to use a piece of patterned paper from my stash on every page. No more hoarding!
  • Only use one color of ink for the whole enchilada.
  • I could only stamp something once. No stamping multiple times to get it perfect.
  • I could only use things that I already had around the house to make it with. I used this site to print out my calendar pages on cardstock. If you don’t want to follow this rule though, there are lots of nice blank calendars out there just begging to be stamped. See this one at Impress for example. I also saw some in the latest Archiver’s newsletter.

The ground rules really simplified things and made it FUN for me. So liberating.

I think these would make great Christmas gifts too.

I had planned on a whole photo tour of my calendar today. But when I woke up this morning it looked like this:

A definate no-go. So I’ll leave you with some photos from the Pooh-like very blustery day that we’re having.

And a teaser:

Guess who barked at me while I was taking these pictures? Hee hee.

I can’t wait to go for a walk and enjoy the day — 56 F and windy, brrr. Yep, I guess I must be a Texan now, ha ha! Hope you have a wonderful day, whether yours is blustery or not.

2 Replies to “Make your own 2008 calendar!”

  1. What a wonderful idea! Lots of work but very personal. I like to make things too; up til now I’ve made calendars on my site, but I’ll have to try this for next year.

  2. I just love your squirrel photo!! It is perfect! My Dad has a squirrel in his backyard that is huge (he feeds it!). Thanks also for the photos of flowers and leaves and stuff. Your photos are soothing to look at! :)

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