Mother’s Day on the prairie… (long)

Hope you all had a happy Mother’s Day! I got to spend mine with two of my favorite people — Agnes and Scott!

Agnes is one of my heroes — she is a truly special and one of the people who got me into prairies. Hi Agnes!

Scott is pretty okay too — that is, when he’s not throwing rocks at the camera


Agnes gave us a grand tour of her awesome prairie remnant. There’s always lots to see in a prairie, like this ratany — I think it looks like an orchid!

Various shades of Indiangrass — like this pretty blue one

Engelmann daisy

Prairie bishop, a larval food plant for swallowtail butterflies


About halfway through the tour two more friends joined us — they stayed the rest of the day

Purr purr purr…purr-rarie?

Okay, back to the tour! There was a flock of phlox

A fiesta of Mexican hats

Texas thistles — another great butterfly plant, this time for the nectar

Beetles rumaging around in Barbara’s buttons — this flower smells so good, too bad we don’t have scratch n’ sniff screens yet

Mealy blue sage — hummingbirds and butterflies both love this one

And you gotta love green lilies — this plant is just too cool

After the tour we had a little picnic lunch, then we did some weeding and Scott planted a huisache tree. Then we did a little rock hounding. Temps were in the low 70’s and there was a nice breeze, too.

What a great day.

Happy Mother’s Day again Agnes! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this.

8 Replies to “Mother’s Day on the prairie… (long)”

  1. Nice pictures, whose cats ? Where is Jason at ? We have wildflowers in Rogers now I will get some picture for you.

  2. Jason didn’t come, he was on the phone with customer support because his laptop died a sudden death. Uh oh!

    Not sure whose cats those are, the striped one wanted to come home with me but I called J and he said “NO!” Boo.

  3. No people pictures! Wildflowers and cats only!

    A “fiesta of Mexican hats”?!? :-)

  4. Such gorgeous pics, once again, Lisa! I love the winecups – that’s exactly what they look like! :) And the Mexican hats are fun, too. Thank you for sharing your amazing pics!

    One other thing… I need to ask you a real simple question about the challenges over at the Hero Blog. But I would prefer to ask you privately rather than asking it on the “message board” over at Flickr. Could you shoot me an email at [deleted to protect from spammers]? I promise it will just take a sec. Thank you so much! :)

  5. I loved the pics, especially the winecup.

  6. It was a grand Mother’s Day for me to have two of my favorite chickadees around.
    I’ll be seeing my other chickadees soon.
    Love ya!
    Little Agnes on the Prairie
    ps. The kitties belong to my neighbors. I would not have the audacity to give them away. I have done it before when I knew they weren’t being cared for.

  7. Agnes’ prairie looks great!

  8. I love the photos of the flowers!! Mother nature sure creates such amazing colors! I loooove the kitty pics too!


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