He does get out once in a while…

This post probably won’t be very exciting for you unless you are either a plant nerd or want to see a tiny picture of J. :)

First off, the tiny picture of J — this is from when he, Scott and I went hiking at Bull Creek earlier in the spring — that’s him in the blue shirt. Scott is taking a picture of me while I was taking a picture of them, ha ha!

That is a pretty cool overhang — lots of neat crystals and stalactites.

Here’s a picture of Scott crossing the creek — so you can see what it looks like

And now for the plant nerd pics! Here’s a yaupon holly in bloom — never saw the blooms before

And a weird euphoribia — Scott, what did you say this was again? (Click on the image for a larger one for the USDA plant db):

And then there was this — I never did figure out what it was, wish I had gotten a picture of the leaves

That’s it for the Bull Creek trip. I have one more set of prairie pics to post tomorrow, and one of another day hiking, and then I should be all caught up on that front. Well, at least until this weekend…

2 Replies to “He does get out once in a while…”

  1. Nature is so impressive, even in these little flowers.

  2. I get out more than you imply! Humph! :-)

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