A rainbow of paintbrushes!

Howdy! Just uploaded some pictures to flickr I took on a field trip/easement inspection of Simpson Prairie on May 3rd. It’s a truly beautiful place. J — who’s in some of the pictures, ha ha — would want me to write more about prairies and how special they are, but it says it all if you click the link.

I tried to capture all the colors of paintbrushes that were there, but it was hard! For one thing, it was WINDY. I mean, really windy. For another, it was cold. My fingers were getting numb. (Actually it was 48 F, which really isn’t too bad, unless you’re a Texan who’s used to 100 F weather and you show up wearing a flimsy short sleeved t-shirt and it’s windy. Did I mention it was windy? I ended up running into the gift shop in Crawford and buying a spiffy long sleeved western style shirt for 50% off, ha!) And lastly, after awhile the colors all ran together in my mind and I couldn’t remember what ones I’d taken and what ones I hadn’t, and ended up with like 200 pictures of paintbrushes…ah well, what a problem to have.

I ran out of good names for these colors, so if you have any please leave a comment. They kinda remind me of sorbet, make me hungry.

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  1. Amazing flowers, great pictures!

  2. Nice pictures but what is Scott trying to be ?

  3. It was cold I tell ya! — Scott had on 3 t-shirts that he found in his truck and then he wrapped that towel around his neck too, ha ha! (He keeps that towel on a seat in his truck for when it’s needed…)

  4. Great photos (except for the ones of me)!

  5. wow… amazing photos. so pretty!

  6. Simply gorgeous!

  7. louise burns says:

    Ha..Ha..Ha..I once went to a California prairie with Lisa and Jason and without a jacket. It was sooo cold. Lisa rescued me with her second jacket and we all had lots of fun. I get sad reading about these great prairie trips…sort of a secret world in this busy planet.

  8. I Will have to come back again when my course load lets up – even so I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

  9. I was aware of this already, however there were several helpful bits which completed the image for me, many thanks!

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