Gather ye roses…

Every year this prairie rose just outside the kitchen window blooms it’s head off. And every year a big hailstorm, thunderstorm, windstorm, or some-other-storm comes along and knocks off all the petals before I get a single photo. Well, not this year!

Aaaaaaaaaa, the sweet smell of triumph.

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you gather some roses, too.

OH and check this out to see what I’ve been stamping…!

4 Replies to “Gather ye roses…”

  1. Very nice! I like the black & white photos, they illustrate the surface textures.

  2. so pretty. i love this time of year.

  3. I just got a camera and am craving photography! :) Those photos are amazing!!

  4. Oooh this must have given a great feeling of joy and satisfaction! Very beautiful! I like roses!!!!

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