I’ve been everywhere, man!

Have you heard that Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere”?

Well, I feel like I have. But now I’m back!

More on what I’ve been up to later — for now, I thought I’d leave you with an updated blog banner.   Woodgrain pattern from here, with font Geneva.  See you tomorrow!

4 Replies to “I’ve been everywhere, man!”

  1. Oooh, I like the new look Lisa — so sleek & chic! For some reason today 5 of your entries popped up at once in my blog reader…they must have been lost somewhere between your computer and mine…heehee! ;)

  2. OK.. did you take all these photos? If so, can we trade lives for just, oh, 1 year???? .. I’ll throw in all the critters as a bonus!!

    Love all these places! The car art is awesome… and the double rainbows… and the Northern Lights…

    Winnemucca? Girlfriend… I drive through Winnemucca when I am on my ever other year mecca back to CA! It is our stop!!!!

    One fine morning I packed the kids up and we drove 12 hours… ended up in Davis Ca..(bff). Well, we left at 6am and my adorable son forgot to pack shoes… he just had flip flops… in the swim bag.. The kids got into the car in their jammies..
    So, Walmart in Winnemucca for new sneaks…
    I do have a fave breakfast spot there! And the awesome park by the pool… Mom stuff…

    ps.. Super fun blog!

  3. OK!! I am such a dork!!! I just now clicked on the video! I thought it was yours! HA!! I’ve been skunked!


  4. Hi Andi! You are no dork at all — I should have added that I didn’t take those…although this year I have been the mountains (twice), deserts (twice), Fargo, Minnesota, Chicago, Tokyo, Anaheim, Oakland (a bunch), San Francisco (a bunch)….hmmm, might still make it to Pittsburgh (don’t know yet).

    That is a cute story about Winnemucca! :)

    Working on a Tokyo video now that I actually did…! :)

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