Sunrise + sunset

Just got back from a big strategy meeting at Hero Arts.  Was so good to see everyone!  Sorry I can’t talk about what went on in the meeting — top secret, ya know?  But I thought I’d share some pictures I took with my cell phone.

First, a sunrise — with the moon — from the hotel.

That’s the San Francisco Bay — so pretty.

Next, a sunset taken at the parking lot of the Paper Source in Berkeley

You’ll have to wait and see what I got there tomorrow…

2 Replies to “Sunrise + sunset”

  1. Oh so good to see these photos! I used to live in the Bay Area many many years ago (San Carlos)… Sniff…. but call Chico my old stomping grounds!

    I miss California dearly…. been ‘holed up’ in Oregon for 9 1/2 years..

    Now about that strategy meeting… I do believe you guys needs some assistants to help you with these things! You know, those ‘consumer focus groups’… or how about a meeting facilitator?

    Why yes, I am available! (LOL)

  2. That sunset is gorgeous! WOW!

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