What a day…

Internet was down, phone was down, blog was down — I was going through some serious withdrawal symptoms.   I decided to take advantage of the situation and…

Are you ready for it?

Finish cleaning my stamp area!

Here’s the before shot of my desk.  (Warning:  Not for the faint-of-heart.) As you can see, I was down to working in a tiny little space

And here’s the after!  I even got out the supplies for my next project.


What a huge relief.

I saved some scraps to make cards ala Sally.  Thanks Sally!

And I unearthed this stamp set that I got in Tokyo — was wondering where it went off to.  It cracks me up.  Gonna make a Thanksgiving card with it, have it all planned out.  Doesn’t the squirrel in the upper left look all full + happy?

OH and!  I added some holiday projects in a slideshow over there in the sidebar.  I’ll keep adding to ’em.

8 Replies to “What a day…”

  1. I was hoping if I looked real close I would see some sneak peeks for 2009. :) Glad you have a clean space today. :)

  2. stampersuzz, you are sneaky! :)

    There MAY be some, but I think they are pretty well buried in all that clutter.

  3. LOL! Lisa I thought I was the ONLY one that had a space like that!!!
    Right now it is all over my computer desk….
    Could you come to my house and help me make mine look like that???
    Looks like a fun little set from Tokyo…..

  4. Oh what fun!!! Don’t you just love a nice clean space to get all messy again??
    Adorable set…
    And just like, Suz, I was trying to sneak a peak, too!!!!

  5. Actually, I just looked at the photo again and there IS a sneak! But it is out of focus, sorry. (Am I a tease or what?)

  6. Looks great Lisa! It’s funny, you can almost feel your heart rate drop as you look at the second photo. Clean = calm. :)

  7. Wow, your desk sure looks different before and after! :-)

    Those squirrels are very cute!

  8. I am SO glad to see that I’m no the only one who ends up creating things in a 6″ x 6″ spot on my table!

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