First sighting of the season!

Look what I spotted today at Michael’s

No relation, but we think they are the best candy canes made.  Yum.

(Excuse the awful pics — took them with my cell phone with a bunch of cashiers looking at me like I was a crazy loon, ha ha!)

5 Replies to “First sighting of the season!”

  1. Ha! Hope you bought some….

  2. LOL! They MUST be the best. :)

  3. […] I used silver instead of the sand — I’m noticing lots of silver and grey everywhere this holiday season and just had to give it a go.  Plus I was inspired by the candy cane sighting yesterday, too! […]

  4. Love this pic!! Thanks for sharing! I will remember share something “similar” in the future!

  5. So cool to have your own brand of candy canes…what next??? lol
    So excited to see you on the blog at’s been soooo long :)

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