A magnetic personality…take 3!

Claudine Hellmuth is my special guest on the Hero Blog today — she is just the best!  I love her work, it is so fun and happy — really makes me smile!

Sorta like the Big Owl stamp…

I couldn’t stop playing with the sticky-back canvas that Claudine sent me — it is just too fun!  Had to make one more owl.  For this one, I painted the canvas a more solid gold color. And it doesn’t show well in the photo, but I used Ranger’s white Inksentials pen to color around the eyes — worked great!

I also wanted to show you the back of an owl

Hee hee!

I stuck the owl to the card front with a glue dot, but you could do something fancier if you wanted, like hiding a metal shim between the two cardstock layers.  More owls + materials/supplies are here.  Oh and!  That white cardstock has glitter all over it!  Don’t remember who makes it, got it last year and I decided it was time to stop hoarding it, ha ha!

More tomorrow!

7 Replies to “A magnetic personality…take 3!”

  1. So Cute Lisa…Love the Claudine line of paints…the brushes are the BEST!! Your owl is so cute….
    I have several sheets of that white glitter cd stock and it is made by doodlebug….
    I love using it with snow scenes!

  2. How cute is that owl!

  3. Lisa

    too CUTE!!! thank you so much for having me on as a Hero Guest again!!

  4. What beautiful cards! I love the scarf! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment :)

  5. I love the magnetic owls. Too cute! Who wouldnt’ want them looking at them from their refrigerator..

  6. Very nice card!

    You were so helpful before that I think I’ll pick your brain again. I once had THE BEST bookmarks – they were THE BEST because there was a small, super-thin metal piece inside the top part and a small, super-thin magnet inside the bottom part, so the bookmark would “bond” with the page sandwiched in between. This kept the bookmark from falling out of the book in transit, etc.

    I want to do this with the bookmarks I make, but I am having trouble finding the right supplies. I’m all over the magnet part – those are everywhere. I’m clueless with the metal part, though. Got any leads on where to get the metal shims? Or some other solution? (I really would rather not be cutting up tin cans, etc unless I absolutely have to.)


  7. Hi Deborah! I know just what bookmarks you are talking about! I had one and lost it, doh! I got some metal shims at the hardware store, but I don’t remember what aisle they were in — I just kinda wandered around until I found something that worked.

    I tried to use the Making Memories metal sheets, but the magnet didn’t stick to them.

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