A blooper of my blooper…!

So when I was filming my video for the Hero Club blog post today, I went to lift a stamped image up to the camera with a flourish…

I grabbed the cardstock by one corner…

All prepared for the dramatic flourish that I had in mind…


It didn’t lift up!

Er, I’m thinking to myself.  What is going on?  Did I not have enough coffee or something?

The cardstock was definitely stuck to the table.

I was thinking er….hmmm….all the while holding the corner of the cardstock.  Then I gave up and busted out laughing!

Here it was stuck  to the table with a glue dot.  How did that get there?

I thought it would be funny to share the blooper here on my blog (words really don’t do it justice).  But then to compound my blooper, I accidentally deleted the video!  Double  DOH!!!

So instead you just get to see a closeup of one of the sneak peek cards:

For the full card, check out the Hero Blog. It’s the card that was in the Creating Keepsakes ad — more about that in this post!

4 Replies to “A blooper of my blooper…!”

  1. I mucked up the stamp inside my SIL’s BD card (posted on my blog) so I put a piece of cardstock over it and restamped the sentiment on a lighter colour and stuck it to the cardstock. If you read this post – http://oma-idratherbecrafting.blogspot.com/2008/11/last-but-not-least.html you’ll see I had another blooper of sorts.

  2. Morning Lisa, thanks for the giggle! Just wanted to say how beautiful your close-up is – made me want all of this new stuff even more!! How can I wait?

    I have a few little tiny square pads of the old Hero shadow inks, just some neutrals, soft leaf and soft sand. So glad to see Hero bringing them out in bigger pads……such lovely pastels, right up my alley!!

  3. Lisa…don’t you just hate when things don’t go the way they are suppose to?? I really love the snowflake card….The felt is Hero Arts right? What did you put on top of it?
    Beautiful card…I can’t wait to get that shadow stamp!!!!

  4. Thanks for the giggle…the visual is pretty funny! :) Ah…I could make an entire MOVIE out of my bloopers. ;) The cards are both SO gorgeous!!!

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