A birthday present from a friend…

Thanks Scott — what an awesome photo — it’s set as my desktop background.  I love it, makes me feel all happy and peaceful — wanted to share it with everyone, because I think we can all use some happy peace this time of year.

(And yep, tomorrow is my birthday.  Hoping to go hiking with Scott, if the weather cooperates.  It’s 30 and misting rain right now, brr.  So different from last year.)

6 Replies to “A birthday present from a friend…”

  1. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday Lisa :)

  2. Very Peaceful…..Very Pretty!

  3. That is just beautiful. I hope the weather cooperates for you…have a wonderful birthday!!! Hugs!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!! Honey, I’ll take that thirty degree weather and mist! It’s in the MINUS degrees here! Minus 10ish… but alas, gorgeous with the sun on the snow!

    Love that photo!

    And, your super cute card on the HA blog is just adorable!!!!!

  5. Just a note to wish you a very happy birthday, Lisa! I know you’ll have a special day no matter what the weather! As Andi said, just picture us up here shivering away!

  6. Agnes Plutino says:

    Happy Birthday My Little Chickadee! I hope you have/had a great day…and many more!!!
    Love ya,

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