A great birthday.

Thanks so much everyone for all of the birthday wishes yesterday — really made me smile!

The weather cooperated — 47 degrees and just a light misty rain now and then — so Scott and I set off on our hike — YAY!  Just like last year, we started at St. Edwards Park (off Old Spicewood Springs road, for those in the area) and hiked through to Bull Creek Preserve (ends at 360) and back.   I took pics on and off throughout the day and thought I’d share.  I really needed the hike — so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax.

I love hiking this time of year — the weather is so cool that you don’t have to lug around tons of water like you do in the blazing heat of summer.  And if you get too hot, you can just take off a layer. Plus things are more subtle — it’s not like spring, where the wildflowers scream for attention.

So much beauty is to be found if you stop and look — like these  sugarberries all decked out for Christmas.  (We ate one, and I have to say that they didn’t live up to their name — yuck!

Or the  variations in color as you look up a canyon — we hiked in and out of canyons all day

The sycamores all festooned with their ornaments

All the different greens, like the junipers + mosses

Splashes of color from the red oaks, cherries and buckthorns

The yummy bark of this cherry

Speaking of cherries, there were many more than what we thought — with their glowing yellow leaves

Plus everything smelled so good, ahhhhh….

Oh and! Just to prove it to my friend Laks, here’s the map at the 360 side…

Like last year, we had to hustle to make it back to the truck before dark, ha ha!

What a great hike!

By this time we were starved (plus we’d been talking about food all day — we ate our apples, pecans and crackers too early this time, ha!)  So we picked up J from work and went to one of my favorite local places —  Kerbey Lane Cafe — mmmmmm, cowboy queso!

I ate my main meal too fast to get a photo — oops! — harvest scramble with tofu, black beans, and Mexican rice.  So tasty.  And of course, chocolate cake to finish.  YUM!

What a great day!

(Hike pictures taken with the point + shoot, food pics taken with the iPhone.  Both are not the best in dim light, but so much easier to carry.)

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  1. Yum! Looks like a great day and a delicious birthday meal.

  2. That does not prove anything:
    “Oh and! Just to prove it to my friend Laks, here’s the map at the 360 side…”
    You could have taken it in the past or someone could have taken it. ha ha :-)

  3. Wow…what a Gorgeous day! Glad you had a great day….
    I made you a card and put it on my blog yesterday…
    Looks like some yummy food too!

  4. Thank you for the comment!! i think i just sat here for a good two minutes looking at your slide show. GREAT STUFF!!

  5. I am so happy to see these photos…they are inspiring…I am going to buy a camera for Christmas and get started again…what a day…hugs, j

  6. Lisa, so glad you had a great day — you deserve it! Thanks for the glimpse of nature. Felt like I was on the hike with you. MInus the exercise, ha! Hugs!

  7. Looks life you had a great time on the hike. Beautiful pictures!!

  8. Gorgeous!!! What an awesome birthday… Love how you treat yourself and celebrate life!!


  9. Love the pictures. Everything is covered in snow here and makes looking at your pictures even more fun. Glad you had a great birthday and dinner!

  10. […] wanted to make a thank you card for my friend Scott — he treated J and I to dinner at Kerbey Lane Cafe yesterday, and Kristina’s color challenge was just the ticket to get started!  The leaves under the […]

  11. Happy belated birthday, Lisa! The picture is georgeous.

  12. Great job , Love you

  13. Oh girl – now I am going to have to go to Kerbey for lunch!!

    Merry Christmas!

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