Be Merry

Hope you are having a merry merry Monday!  I know I am — it’s still nice and cold here — 27 F when I last checked  — a perfect day for a fun lunch of Indian food at Bombay Bistro with a friend!

The funny thing is — I made the “be merry” card when I was working on the Hero Arts Winter catalog back in July — it was probably around 100 degrees then, ha ha!  Full supplies + instructions here.

More later — have some pics to share from over the weekend — but first, I’m off to eat breakfast — oatmeal + brown sugar + walnuts = YUM!

4 Replies to “Be Merry”

  1. Love that card Lisa…i have the stamp and have NOT even used it!!!
    Need to get it out and do a few before the season is over…..
    Still need to get those letter stamps you always do great things with them!

  2. Another terrific card…I’m looking forward to seeing all of the HA Artists’ cards over the coming weeks. Diggin’ the slide show, too!

  3. Those owls are cute! Great card!

  4. Hi, Lisa!

    I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to check my email, blog or visit other blogs – I am definitely suffering from BHW (Blog Hopping Withdrawal – new term I just made up because I think we NEED another anacronym in our lives – now if I could just figure how to spell anacronym….).

    I love the card you made for the last KW challenge. I just sat there looking at it and wondering why I can’t ever come up with something that clever. I’m not too bad, but you are truly gifted.

    “Superlative” comes to mind. (And I can spell that one.)

    Gotta get me some of that!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

    Big Hugs!

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