What a great weekend!

Hope you had a great weekend!  I sure did — have lots of random stuff to share…

Saturday we finally got our tree up, yay!!!  We never did find our LED lights from last year, so we in the dark — doh!  Spent 2 hours trying to find some white ones locally last weekend — but this being Austin, there were none to be found — so we ordered some from here.  They came on Friday, whew!  Pics of the tree coming soon — but for now, check out the first ornaments to go up this year — a birthday/Christmas gift

Aren’t they the cutest things ever?!?!  They were all handmade by a truly terrific friend — does she know me or what?  Thanks again Sally!

The second thing to go up on the tree were a few more mushrooms — I am addicted to making them

Hope to make a few more plus some owls using the Big Owl from Hero before Christmas, we’ll see…

Next I wanted to share my Sunday!  I went to Indiangrass Preserve to help a friend with his work on removing invasive junipers.  They are slowly whittling away at the prairie — they smother out the plants, and if they aren’t removed the completely take over.  For those tree fanatics out there — don’t worry, there are zillions of junipers left.  But there’s hardly any prairie left — at all.

It was COLD — I think it was 36 when we started — and the wind was roaring — to give you an idea, I brought a thermos of chai tea, poured it, and then the wind blew the tea right out of the mug, eeks!

Cutting down juniper really does warm you up tho. And the smell — mmmmmmm.   I used loppers to get the small ones and then open up a way in for the chainsaw on the big ones.  Took a break to admire these possomhaw holly berries, glowing all red in the dim light

And before we left, I had to get some mistletoe — love to use it for decorations.  It’s now in a vase in the kitchen.  The berries are this neat white waxy color — so different from the fake ones you get at the store

Ahhhh, what a great weekend!  Arms are a little sore from the loppers, but it’s a good, happy kinda sore.

Have a merry Monday!

7 Replies to “What a great weekend!”

  1. OH MY GAWD….Those Owls are the most adorable things I have ever seen…TOOOOOOO CUTE!!!
    Your mushrooms are VERY cute as well…..
    Looks like you had a fab weekend….glad you got your lights!

  2. I think the mistleto is beautiful. The owls are the cutest. I have got to give a try at making some to give away. thanks for sharing Lisa.
    Merry christmas

  3. Oh my word, those owl ornaments are SOOOO cute!! What a great friend you have!


  4. Tell Sally she made awesome owls! The mushrooms are adorable too!

    It’s great to see you helping prairie and cutting those invasive juniper!

  5. Merry Christmas, Lisa! Love those owls–you are so lucky!–and your ‘shrooms are so cute! Your tree must be happy…

  6. those ornaments are fantastic!!!!!

  7. […] First off,  here’s the first one  to go up this year — from Sally, see his friends  here –  love his natty houndstooth […]

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