Spiffed up the blog…

Hi all, hope you’re having a super weekend! I’ve been having fun stamping + spiffing up my blog.  I was going to post about this on Monday, but I’m so excited that I just can’t wait!  Here’s what’s new:

  • There’s now  a faq (frequently asked questions) page!  Check it out up there in the top tool bar.
  • If you are registered on, then when you leave a comment your picture will show up.  Cool!  If you’re not registered, a unique image will be generated for you instead — see the faq for more.
  • I love polls — they are fun and I’m always doing them — so, I added one over there in the blog sidebar.  They’re just for fun, nothing too serious, ha!  They’ll be archived here. Help me test it out — go vote for your favorite woodland critters.
  • I added a “lifestream”, with all my online stuff.  It’s up there in the top toolbar under “life”.  It puts all my twitter, flickr, blog + facebook stuff all in one spot.
  • Updated my slideshow of the 2009 catalog cards — the scrolly one was just taking too long.  You can click on it to go to a bigger version, too!
  • There’s a new editor to make it easier to leave a comment.
  • I tweeked my Twitter feed so I can tweet photos from my phone — fun!  The feed has been on the blog sidebar for a while now, but not sure if you noticed it.  My family has, ha ha!
  • Added a contact form to make it easy to email me — just look for the airplane
  • You can share posts with your friends + social networking sites — check out the little buttons next to “share” at the end of each post.  The first one lets you email a post to a friend.  Mouseover the buttons to see what the rest are for.

I think that’s everything!  Might have a few more updates coming, will let you know.

Oh and!  If you’re wondering why there’s a picture of colored pencils on this post — it’s because when I came in the room with my camera the winter light was shining on them and I thought they looked pretty.   Jason says the photo is making him hungry, so we’re off to grab a snack.  :)

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