Winter Sky

Spent the day with Scott clearing brush at Indiangrass Preserve. It was just the right temperature — 44 when we got there + 47 when we left. The wind was blowing pretty good, but once I started working I was all nice and toasty warm. We kept hoping for rain because it’s been so dry — according to the US drought monitor we’re in an “exceptional drought” — the highest there is — but no luck.

We really enjoyed the winter sky — even without the rain — it’s really rare to see sky like this in Austin.  Just yesterday it was 77 + sunny.

Love the look of the sky + branches of of this bald cypress — so peaceful.


And the skyline from the little hill that looks out over the lake.  So pretty.  I’ll never forget seeing the hawks circling around.  Or the heron.


We stopped at Whole Foods on the way back and got soup with butternut squash, pecans + kale — YUM.  That + tea really hit the spot.  Ahhhhhhhhh….

What a great day!

2 Replies to “Winter Sky”

  1. Wish it were in the 70’s here!!
    Looks like a really pretty area and a nice ending to the day!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Sounds very relaxing, I wish I can have a day like this! :)

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