First Workshop Is Underway!

Woo hoo!!!

Sally’s + mine is tonight, cannot wait!

More as the day goes on. Now, where’s my coffee?

8 Replies to “First Workshop Is Underway!”

  1. Go Hero Arts!

  2. Hi Lisa!  And say hey to the rest of the gang from me OK?  Miss you guys and being there with you.  Have a GREAT show and thanks for the pics.

  3. Woo hoo!  Wish I was there!  Have tons of fun and don’t work too hard!

  4. Hello Lisa!!! Fun fun fun fun! So who takes the workshops at CHA??? Are they store owners and employees???  Just curious!

    Dang that’s a white walled room!!! 
    They need some ‘cullah’..

    1. Hi all! Yep, store owners take the classes :). Top secret stuff!

  5. Yes…who gets to take those classes??  So FUN….
    Wish i were there….
    have Fun Lisa!

  6. oh! gosh not those rooms! Yeah, for sure you will need coffee! not just regular but for sure strong coffee.  Those rooms can get cold.  Had a expo nurse fair there 3 months ago at the Anahiem convention.  
    Cant wait to see more fun stuff!!!
    Wish i can be there.  I live 2omin away from where you are!  
    Were going to go to downtown disney today and i’ll tell my hubby if we can pass by the convention just to say that yeah! i went to the CHA! well actually just passed by it!!! hahaha! lol!!  

  7. Hi girls!!!!

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