Hello from snowy Ohio!


YAY!!!  Snow!!!  I arrived here yesterday — it was -3 degrees according to the pilot — and this Texanized — is that word? —  gal was in for a shock!  But, I was so happy that there was SNOW!  So today I just had to go for a quick walk in the woods


I love walking in the woods around my Grandma’s house.  Brings back so many memories of sled riding + hot chocolate + snowball fights with my sister


And building snow tunnels + forts after the snow plow had been by


Love walking in the woods — so peaceful + quiet.  Just the crunch of snow.  And sometimes a bird.  Or the wind rustling in the bare branches.


Love how the air is so crisp + clean, too.


Saw lots of neat critter tracks — deer + squirrel + what I think was a fox


And Lisa tracks, too


Tomorrow I’m going to stamp with my MIL — can’t wait, we always have tons of fun!  Now I’m off for a nice warm cup of tea.  ‘nite!

10 Replies to “Hello from snowy Ohio!”

  1. Hi, Lisa! Glad you finally got your snow! :-)

  2. Hi Lisa, Great photos but I have had enuf snow and really cold temps. Those memories  are mine too. My sis and I did all those snow day fun things together. I too luv walking in the woods. I am celebrating my birthday today! :) Spring where are youuuuu…….?

  3. donna mikasa says:

    Your snow pics are beautiful!!  No snow angels??
    Love the critter prints in the snow…and the Lisa ones!

  4. What a beautiful place to grow up. Thank you for sharing.

  5. You make me chuckle.  We are all happy here in IL to be getting up to the 50’s and maybe loosing a little snow on the ground and you are enjoying it!  Have fun on your little vacation.

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  7. Yea!! You Lucky Girl…I LOVE Snow!! So Wish it snowed here atleast once a year….
    Beautiful Photos Lisa…Have FUN!

  8. Love the leaning tree trunks!  & your boots look too clean.

  9. The snow is pretty!  You must miss it (at least a few days a year of it).

  10. I wondered where you had been! You can come visit me in Colorado, anytime you miss the snow. We only got four inches yesterday, but that was enough. Take care, Love the photo’

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