This + that…

I heard it was going to rain tonight — and it is, actually — so I had to take a few more snow pictures before it all melted.  This is the lake behind Jason’s parent’s house — so pretty back there


And here’s looking back at the house


Then my Dad came and picked me up to go and watch my nephew Ben play basketball — he did great!   Here’s a shot of him making one of the winning baskets


Then went went to lunch after, with a slight detour to go past the World’s Largest Teapot in Chester, West Virginia — that makes 4 states in 3 days:  Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia — or 6 states in a week, which would include California + Nevada


Lunch was at the Hot Dog Shop — mmmmm, homemade cheddar fries and a chocolate malt.  Oh and hot sauce — yum!  I haven’t eaten there in ages — soooooo good!


Then it was on to my little nephew’s Valentine’s Party — but he wouldn’t let us take a picture, ha ha!

Now we’re going to play games — not sure what, maybe Scrabble?  Or 5 Crown?  Or Uno!  More tomorrow…

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  1. Aaaah, I love a good hot dog!  We had them today at Costco, and coincidentally, after my son’s basketball game!  LOL!   And, I am bustin’ over The World’s Largest Teapot!  Have you ever seen the movie Michael?  If you have, then you know why I laughed, and if not, you should rent it!  It’s a great flick! *wink*

  2. Sounds like a ton of fun!  The teapot gave me a chuckle!  I love the basketball game because that is where we were yesterday watching my son doing the same thing and the chedder fries… YUMMY!

  3. Looks Like your Having a FUN time With Family….Snow is so pretty glad you got to see it before it left……

  4. Have fun visiting with the fam!

  5. I LOVE Hot Dog Shoppe (and Ohio) I’m glad you had fun and had time to stamp.

  6. Good thing you got snow pictures on Saturday, since most of the snow was gone on Sunday.


  7. Beautiful snow photos–wish we had some–it’ll be in the 70s today here.


  8. Those cheddar fries make me hungry every time I see them! They look yummmmmy! :-)

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