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I heard it was going to rain tonight — and it is, actually — so I had to take a few more snow pictures before it all melted.  This is the lake behind Jason’s parent’s house — so pretty back there


And here’s looking back at the house


Then my Dad came and picked me up to go and watch my nephew Ben play basketball — he did great!   Here’s a shot of him making one of the winning baskets


Then went went to lunch after, with a slight detour to go past the World’s Largest Teapot in Chester, West Virginia — that makes 4 states in 3 days:  Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia — or 6 states in a week, which would include California + Nevada


Lunch was at the Hot Dog Shop — mmmmm, homemade cheddar fries and a chocolate malt.  Oh and hot sauce — yum!  I haven’t eaten there in ages — soooooo good!


Then it was on to my little nephew’s Valentine’s Party — but he wouldn’t let us take a picture, ha ha!

Now we’re going to play games — not sure what, maybe Scrabble?  Or 5 Crown?  Or Uno!  More tomorrow…

8 thoughts on “This + that…”

  1. Aaaah, I love a good hot dog!  We had them today at Costco, and coincidentally, after my son’s basketball game!  LOL!   And, I am bustin’ over The World’s Largest Teapot!  Have you ever seen the movie Michael?  If you have, then you know why I laughed, and if not, you should rent it!  It’s a great flick! *wink*

  2. Sounds like a ton of fun!  The teapot gave me a chuckle!  I love the basketball game because that is where we were yesterday watching my son doing the same thing and the chedder fries… YUMMY!

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