Hello from snowy Ohio!


YAY!!!  Snow!!!  I arrived here yesterday — it was -3 degrees according to the pilot — and this Texanized — is that word? —  gal was in for a shock!  But, I was so happy that there was SNOW!  So today I just had to go for a quick walk in the woods


I love walking in the woods around my Grandma’s house.  Brings back so many memories of sled riding + hot chocolate + snowball fights with my sister


And building snow tunnels + forts after the snow plow had been by


Love walking in the woods — so peaceful + quiet.  Just the crunch of snow.  And sometimes a bird.  Or the wind rustling in the bare branches.


Love how the air is so crisp + clean, too.


Saw lots of neat critter tracks — deer + squirrel + what I think was a fox


And Lisa tracks, too


Tomorrow I’m going to stamp with my MIL — can’t wait, we always have tons of fun!  Now I’m off for a nice warm cup of tea.  ‘nite!

10 thoughts on “Hello from snowy Ohio!”

  1. Hi Lisa, Great photos but I have had enuf snow and really cold temps. Those memories  are mine too. My sis and I did all those snow day fun things together. I too luv walking in the woods. I am celebrating my birthday today! :) Spring where are youuuuu…….?

  2. You make me chuckle.  We are all happy here in IL to be getting up to the 50’s and maybe loosing a little snow on the ground and you are enjoying it!  Have fun on your little vacation.

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