A Beautiful Mess

We stampers like to joke about how messy our desks are — but THIS is a mess of truly epic proportions that I just had to share. You can watch it over at YouTube here.

Off to clean now and then stamp!  Going to resolve again to put things away as I go.  Maybe this time it will work out!

Have a great weekend everyone,

21 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess”

  1. OMG Lisa, that is hilarious.  I cleaned my desk the night before last and now it’s back to where it was.  I have literally a 6″x6″ square of open space left to work on.

  2. Lisa, thanks so much for sharing! I enjoyed it because it makes me feel at ease knowing that others end up with a beautiful mess like mine!   I’m getting a new camera this weekend (the Flip HD) and was just curious as to what you were using because the quality was GREAT!

  3. Lisa, thank you so much for making me feel better, it is so reassuring to know that even great designers make a mess. The only down side to such a creative pile is you can loose things…I have recently lost my fav scissors and all I can think is that I must have thrown them out with the rubbish when I eventually tidied my desk!

  4. Hi Lisa.  I’ve just watched your video laughing as I look at my desk …. it is soooo the same!  Periodically I have a tidy up ( usually when my significant other complains)  I get on a roll and that’s it.  Nice to see others are the same.  I’m going to make sure he sees your video

  5. Thank you!!!!  You just made me feel so much better about my mess, though I don’t know that I could call it beautiful.  I’m trying to organize over my vacation, but it’s great to SEE that I’m not the only one losing half my supplies in the mess of creativity.

  6. I can really relate to this desk situation. My dining room table looks this way.( I don’t have a scrapbook room/table)  :(

  7. It’s not mess, it’s a work in progress (or so I tell my fiance every day).  I also tell him “you have to speculate to accumulate”.  I’m always ready with a proverb to defend the “mess”.  :)  Love seeing all your gorgeous goodies and scraps.  Wouldn’t it be great to swap craft tables with someone for a day – imagine the inspiration!  Thanks for sharing your space with us.  I love it!

  8. Oh man… this video reminded me of the mess I have at home. I have no space to work with right now cuz of the mess heh and it sucks to have to clean it everytime I make something new.

  9. SO glad to see I’m not alone–it’s like you blink and next thing you (don’t) know, you’re working in a 6 inches of space! ;)

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