A sweet mini treat!


Look what my sweet Jason brought home for me today at lunch!


Mmmmmm, it was so good.  I noticed the crumbs after I took the picture and ate them too!  YUM.

Thanks J, love you!  (Even MORE than decadent chocolate cupcakes with dreamy vanilla frosting with more chocolate on top!)

Oh and!  He got it at Cupprimo, a little cupcakery + coffee spot right down the street — this could be dangerous…

And!  That’s a napkin I made a while back — gotta make some more soon.  I thought it went perfectly with the cupcake + the plate!

13 thoughts on “A sweet mini treat!”

    1. Hi Amy! Yep, that’s Fiesta — I love it! Jason’s Grandpa used to work there. Whenever we are home for a visit we HAVE to go to the factory — they have an outlet, seconds room, and you can even take a tour!

  1. Oh! Jason is so so super sweet! So, so thoughtful! The cuppie looked so delicisioso! I’m sure it was yummy!
    I totally agree with Andy & Tiffany! If you don’t do a color challenge, then you should for sure submitt a pic to Kristina’s blog. Those are colors are awesome for a challenge!

    Yaneri :o)

  2. The cupcake and napkins reminds me of the color challenge…definitely a L. Spangler challenge colors :)

  3. Wow, that is indeed a stunning photo, love the napkin!  (And the cupcake looks really yummy!)  Great color inspiration!

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