Inspiration + a question for ya!

Hi everyone! Today I met J and we had lunch at Indian restaurant I’ve always wanted to try — the Clay Pit!


It’s in a neat old limestone building that was built in 1880 — read all about it here. You can’t tell because the puny little cell phone camera blasted it out — but the UT Tower is in the photo at the end of the porch


After we finished eating — YUM! — this beautiful mural caught my eye and I instantly thought of a card idea I wanted to try!  I just had to take a pic of it — taxed the poor iphone camera to the max because of the low light, but isn’t it neat? Wish I could paint like this, but I guess that’s why I stamp, ha ha!


So this got me to thinking — maybe I should share the things that inspire me and have a challenge? I get inspired by things everywhere.  And, to go along with the challenge, I’d have some photography tips — kind of like mini tutorials for cardmakers and crafty types? You wouldn’t have to have a super fancy camera for the tips + tutorials, I’d even give some that could help my lowly cell phone camera, ha ha!  Now, here’s the question — is anyone out there interested in something like this? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

A BIG thanks to J for lunch, that was so fun!  Love you TONS!

Oh and!  I’ll post the card after I have a chance to stamp it — hope I have time tonight.

51 Replies to “Inspiration + a question for ya!”

  1. Cool pics!  I would love to participate in your challenge too!

  2. what a wonderful person you are

  3. I think it’s a fab idea.  I’m going to have to be better about following blogs to make sure I don’t miss it!  You’d be great, and it’d be a real treat for all of us!

  4. Virginia L. says:

    I LOVE the idea of photography and card inspirational  challenge! I would love to participate and learn from everyone!! Thanks for this amazing blog, it sure ROCKS!

  5. I love inspiration challenges!

  6. Janice D-P says:

    Hi Lisa. I would love to follow along with your inspiration/photo tips/challenge idea.  That’s a great plan! My husband and I also live in Austin, and we love the Clay Pit, too.

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  8. betty dallas says:

    I purposely took up amateur photography to complement my card making… so any tips and/or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

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