Inspiration + a question for ya!

Hi everyone! Today I met J and we had lunch at Indian restaurant I’ve always wanted to try — the Clay Pit!


It’s in a neat old limestone building that was built in 1880 — read all about it here. You can’t tell because the puny little cell phone camera blasted it out — but the UT Tower is in the photo at the end of the porch


After we finished eating — YUM! — this beautiful mural caught my eye and I instantly thought of a card idea I wanted to try!  I just had to take a pic of it — taxed the poor iphone camera to the max because of the low light, but isn’t it neat? Wish I could paint like this, but I guess that’s why I stamp, ha ha!


So this got me to thinking — maybe I should share the things that inspire me and have a challenge? I get inspired by things everywhere.  And, to go along with the challenge, I’d have some photography tips — kind of like mini tutorials for cardmakers and crafty types? You wouldn’t have to have a super fancy camera for the tips + tutorials, I’d even give some that could help my lowly cell phone camera, ha ha!  Now, here’s the question — is anyone out there interested in something like this? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

A BIG thanks to J for lunch, that was so fun!  Love you TONS!

Oh and!  I’ll post the card after I have a chance to stamp it — hope I have time tonight.

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  1. The more challenges and tips the merrier!

  2. I’m totally down with that idea! Thanks for offering!!!

  3. Absolutely one of my top faves in Austin!!!

  4. I think that would be cool to have photography tips and crafty tips too…BONUS!!  Go for it…sign me up!

  5. Sounds great! I love to find out what inspires everyone. I find all sorts of things just turn on that creative lightbulb. Looking forward to this already.
    We are very lucky in the UK to have lot’s of great Indian eateries, so it’s easy to indulge a love of spicey food over here.
    Glad you had a good lunch date.

  6. Yes, Yes, Yes!  I would love some photo tips and inspiration.

  7. Love the photos that you took and if you didn’t say I wouldn’t have known it’s from a camera phone! Yes!! I love the idea of photo tips and challenges from you!!

  8. Nora Robin says:

    Oh that sounds great!  But can you please include tips on photography taken while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic since I happen to spend a fair amount of time on highly congested roads.    Consequently, I have been particularly inspired by hardy crows, noisy blackbirds , lazy ducks, bossy gulls and of course a large variety of bumper stickers and patchwork cars.  Re the Clay pit : When you and J come to Canada , we’ll make a 5h detour to visit little India in Toronto.  It’s small but quite cool! 

    1. Hey Nora! You’re on! And too funny on all the critters, hee hee. :)

  9. Lovely pictures!! :)  Love the little flags and your transparency stars is a wonderful idea!!  TFS!

  10. Well done!  And most important of all… Long live the Heroes!

  11. Thanks so much sharing how you made your cards! Great idea using the little flag with the owl!

  12. Love the idea of tips and challenges!

  13. Mr. Owl is so darling holding the flag.  Cool, cool cards!

  14. Lisa, a familiar name!  I’ve seen you on the hero arts blog, which I like to visit because of my lovely friend, Jacki Jones, who also makes cards for HA.

    Thanks for participating!

  15. Whoops, I think I posted this on the wrong post!…

    Lisa, a familiar name!  I’ve seen you on the hero arts blog, which I like to visit because of my lovely friend, Jacki Jones, who also makes cards for HA.

    Thanks for participating with CFH!

  16. Yes! I would love those tips!

  17. Your little owl holding the flag is adorable!! I love it!

  18. Denise Wieger says:

    Great owl card.  Gotta love the little guy. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Loved your hand-made flags :)

  20. Your owl is cute but I really like the acetate card for the Troops.

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