Join the first ever “scribble this!” challenge!


Hi everyone!  I’m super excited to announce the first ever “scribble this!” challenge — hope you can join in the fun!  It’s a cardmaking challenge with a little twist — part of the challenge is to learn new photography skills!

For this first challenge we’re going to start with what I consider to be the key to taking good photos of crafty projects: white balance — because if the whites in your photo don’t look good, the rest of the colors won’t look good either!  Here’s how to enter the challenge:

  1. First, read this tutorial on white balance.
  2. Next, create a card that has lots of white in it.  Take pictures of your card with different white balance settings and post them on your blog, Flickr, or wherever you like!  Experiment, have fun, and write about what you’ve learned.  If your camera doesn’t have a white balance feature, not to worry — just write about that. AND, you’ll be definitely want to play in next week’s challenge where we learn about levels!
  3. Leave a link below to the post with your card — be sure not to leave a link to your whole blog.

1. Dotty
2. Laura
3. Savitri
4. Lysa
5. Jaded
6. Godelieve
7. joann
8. Bianca from Germany
9. Dawn T
10. Susanne Nilsson
11. Ingen
12. Rosemary D
13. Fika
14. Kelly
15. Virginia L.
16. Karen from MI
17. Rachel
18. wteresa15
19. Meg B
20. Winter Sims
21. Sarah Martina
22. CraftyKid
23. Divya R
24. Nicole, UK
25. NinaB (Croatia)
26. Ashley C. Newell
27. Laura Bassen

Thanks for playing in the first ever Scribble This! Challenge.

AND!  Feel free to add the challenge image to your post — you’ll want to save the image to your computer and then upload it like you do a photo.  Thanks so much to my friend Mon Thai for creating it — she’s a graphic designer who does work for Hero Arts and a super friend — I just love what she did!  Thanks again Mon, had fun!  Hugs! Can’t wait until Mon has a blog and then you can see more of her wonderful work!

Can’t wait to see the cards! Here’s some ideas: weddings, graduations, black + white cards, bright summery cards with a white background, or soft soothing pastels with lotsa white. And, can’t wait to see your photo experiments, too — I bet we all learn from each other! I’ll pick some cards to feature next week.  I’m thinking 10 — unless there’s a huge response, and then I’ll share more!

One more thing! I wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who helped me test Mr. Linky on this post! If you posted a link to your card there, please re-link it here so that they are all in one place.

Let the first ever “scribble this!” challenge begin! YEAH!

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  1. […] Thanks for helping me test Mr. Linky! The challenge post is here! […]

  2. Weird.. I don’t know if it’s just my crappy laptop, but I can’t see the picture in this post.

    1. Hi Jaded! Weirdness! I refreshed the image — can you try it now? Thx! :)

  3. Hey Lisa :) It’s still not working :/

    1. This is so weird, trying to think of what it could be — just changed the color profile, maybe that was it? :(

      Hugs and thanks for bearing with me while I get the kinks worked out!

  4. I see the photo!!

    I love love love the ‘Scribble This’  brand name for your contests!!!!!  It’s just you!!!

  5. This is fab – love the “scribble this” challenge image – so cool.  Even though I don’t have control of my white balance on my camera, I am going to give it a go.  Thanks for challenging us and helping us to improve our photography Lisa. :)

  6. I refreshed the page and it still isn’t coming up for me but it looks like it’s working for others. Maybe I’ll try to connect from home later and see if it works :)

  7. Hi Lisa! Looks great and I hope you get lots of submissions!

  8. YAY!!!!  I figured it out!  Photoshop was setup with CMYK colors — that’s what you use for print.  Once I switched it over to web colors it worked.  Thanks a ton to my great MIL, Dotty, for helping me figure it out!  Love you Mom!  :)

    Thanks to Jaded too, for bearing with me! :)

  9. Hey Lisa! I hope I can find time to participate! Things have been crazy in my neck of the woods. :-) I did build my own photo tent on Friday – it’ll be so fun to play with that for this challenge! (And I can see the challenge picture just fine when I’m on your blog, but it wouldn’t appear from Google Reader.)

  10. anthonette says:

    ohhh, how cool is this!  “scribble this” challenge!  awesome!  okay, i’m going to give it a go.  when i purchased my camera, i read that manual a millions times but i’m still not all there!  so i love that you’re going to teach us lisa.  thank you

  11. Yep! It works now :) I should be the one thanking you for figuring it out so I could participate! Thanks Lisa!

  12. Virginia L. says:

    What a creative challenge! Not only we get to make a White card AND it (preferably) has to be in the White Balance setting. Not sure if I can do it… but I shall try my best! Thank you, Lisa, for this “one of a kind” challenge! 

  13. this was a good challenge!  I’m proud of myself for trying it, and for being able to find my camera manual.  

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  15. Hi Lisa!  I added my entry- this was a great challenge!  Looking forward to more! :)

  16. I tried playing with my camera yesterday with my Canon xTi and it doesn’t seem to work for me… but I’m SO technologically challenged though… might try and give it another go… Very cool challenge none-the-less. :)

  17. […] I was zooming out the door to go to UPS when I took it and didn’t have time to setup the white balance. I tried to fix it in Photoshop — which is next week’s tutorial by the way! — but […]

  18. Thank you very much for sharing your “tips and trics” Lisa!
    Great tutorial & challenge!

  19. […] dem Blog “Sideoats & Scribbles” von Lisa Spangler vorbei. Jetzt hat sie ihre erste Challenge gepostet und ich habe mich gleich daran versucht. Hier geht es nicht nur darum, eine Karte mit […]

  20. What a great new challenge!!! I did a card and worked on the white balance! Can’t wait what you are coming up with next.

    Greetings from Germany, Bianca

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