Scribblings from Scribble This! Week #2!

Hi everyone!  It took me a while to go through all of the entries for the Scribble This! Week #2 Challenge — but I loved seeing each and every one.  Wow, what a difference the levels adjustment makes!

So, without further ado, here are ten to share!  On the left is the original grey, gloomy photo, and on the right is the edited one — click on the card to go to the post about it:


Thanks so much to everyone who entered the challenge!  If you missed the tutorial, you can still read it here.

And!  There’s still time to enter the Scribble This! #3 Challenge– more here!

6 Replies to “Scribblings from Scribble This! Week #2!”

  1. Wow Lisa – look how you’ve revolutionised everyone’s photography.  The results are fantastic.  Thank you so much, you’ve certainly helped me :)

  2. Thanks for your continued inspriation Lisa!

  3. Amazing results! I can’t thank you enough for these tutorials, they’re making such a difference in ALL my pics, not only the crafty ones but specially the family ones!

  4. LOVE your Scribble this challenge…you are always so Helpful in this area I need help……I was pleased with last weeks levels…
    Been out of town and am going to try to do the third one but I might be late…..
    thanks Lisa!

  5. I love your Scribble this Challenge too :)  Just can’t wait too see the next tutorial…..Thanks so much Lisa!

  6. OK, I really need to read your tutorials, but now that you are on three, I feel so lazy and don’t want to go back.  I know that is HORRIBLE, but it is true!  I am gonna try though, because these cards look excellent so I know the tutorial must be good!!!

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