I’m in Simply Handmade Magazine!


Love this magazine, the photography is stunning and the projects are super great!  If you’ve never read it, you’re in for a real treat!  It’s the June/July issue — more here.  I know you can also find it at Archiver’s + Michael’s.  They have a yummy blog here, too.

Oh and!  Someone asked if I made those favors for our wedding — and the answer is, nope.  But, if I had, I would have made them just like this.  I used our color — turquoise.  And the hearts are made of brown felt.  You know how I have a thing for felt!

I was thinking about our wedding while I made it — we had a small one at Jason’s parent’s house.  The day started off with a bang — a thunderstorm — but then the sun came out and there was a beautiful rainbow.  So special.  Can’t believe we’ll be married twelve years this August 15th.  Love you J!

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  1. I’m taking a peek now (online)!  They look GREAT! :)

  2. donna mikasa says:

    Just got my copy in the mail….Way to go, Lisa!  Trés chic!
    And I smiled when I saw the felt heart….

  3. So happy for you – congratulations Lisa.

  4. Oh wow, I think I need this magazine! Congratulations Lisa!

  5. That is wonderful! You deserve to be spotlighted  :)

  6. Kelly Rasmussen says:

    congrats girl…that’s so exciting! :)

  7. Hehe….love, love, love…so pretty! ;)

  8. Wow, congratulations Lisa! Love your work!

  9. Congratulations, Lisa! :)  I am just getting into checking out the papercrafting  magazines.  I will definitely have to look for it out in the stores… or just finally get myself a subscription.  :)

  10. Congrats Lisa….How fun!!

  11. Congrats Lisa! That rocks :D

  12. How exciting! Congratulations, Lisa!!!

  13. How exciting for you!!!

  14. Congratulations, Lisa!! So happy for you, you ROCK!!

  15. Congratulations, Lisa!
    Oh, and we share wedding dates too… hubby an I got hitched on August 15, 1987. That’s 10 years more than you guys. Wow, I feel old now.

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