Have a berry nice long weekend :)


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Have a super one!  I have to work, but plan to take time out for FUN, too!  Yesterday I stopped at the store and picked up happy stuff: corn-on-the-cob, veggie hot dogs, baby gherkins, a cute mini watermelon, the makings for lemonade, and a bouquet of marigolds.  Hoping to go for a little swim + hike, write up a new tutorial, and stamp, too!

8 thoughts on “Have a berry nice long weekend :)”

  1. Have a Great Weekend Lisa…sounds like you have all the Fun Details Planned out…..
    Looking forward to your next Scribble this….(Just LOVE that name…)

  2. Lisa, that cupcake is tooo small and no where near a big enough reward for all the amazing work you have put into the new Hero Arts Blog..I just love that the images are so big now, I can spend hours drooling over each card now…by the way how do you get drool out of a keyboard?

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