Help me decide!

Okay, so in my last post I showed ya the present that J got for me — now help me decide on a case to keep it in!  These are all on etsy.

First off, there’s this little number —  simple + elegant — and I wear a ton of brown — and it’s Japanese linen — yum!


Then there’s this one, featuring a bird + orange + polka dots!  I wear a ton of orange, too — and it makes me happy just looking at it:


Then there’s this sweetie, with an owl + felt!  You know how I love felt + owls…


Speaking of felt, there’s also this cutie:


And last but not least, trees + orange + more felt — only this felt is made from plastic bottles — cool!


So, help me decide.  Leave a comment with your top pick!

Must. Not. Buy. Them. ALL!

59 thoughts on “Help me decide!”

  1. Okay – my thinking is that you need two – one for when you are going out and it needs a little more elegant touch – for that choose the brown one – and then another one for every other place – choose the last one with the trees!
    I just got my iphone and love it!

  2. I like the First one’s constructiondesign the best.  But i lke the fabric and colors of the last one.  With that being said, i would still go for the first one, it looks to offer the best protection for your electronic device.

  3. They are all great, but the one I would choose is the brown one (top photo).
    Can’t wait to see which one will be yours…

    Greetings from Germany!


  4. Hi, Lisa 
    Welcome back. Those iphone cases are so beautiful. I love the simplicity of the first one. Even the lining looks great. BTY, thanks for the gravatar tutorial. I have set it up. So fun.

  5. This is funny…my bloglines reader hasn’t updated your posts lately so I went there myself today when I realized I hadn’t been here in awhile.  And guess what?  I BOUGHT that one with the bird!  It’s true!  I just did a search on etsy for iPhone covers and fell in love.  I even had her make me a wristlet on the side.  Which one did you choose??

  6. how to decide!!!!! I know you through your blog and all the gorgeousness you create I’m thinking the owl one or the last one! But really they are all GORGEOUS!! So happy you’re back!!

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