Help me decide!

Okay, so in my last post I showed ya the present that J got for me — now help me decide on a case to keep it in!  These are all on etsy.

First off, there’s this little number —  simple + elegant — and I wear a ton of brown — and it’s Japanese linen — yum!


Then there’s this one, featuring a bird + orange + polka dots!  I wear a ton of orange, too — and it makes me happy just looking at it:


Then there’s this sweetie, with an owl + felt!  You know how I love felt + owls…


Speaking of felt, there’s also this cutie:


And last but not least, trees + orange + more felt — only this felt is made from plastic bottles — cool!


So, help me decide.  Leave a comment with your top pick!

Must. Not. Buy. Them. ALL!

59 Replies to “Help me decide!”

  1. My pick is the last one! I love the colors, so bright! :)

  2. I’m not sure I’m much help.  I’d want them all!  I LOVE Japanese linen.  It is amazing!  But I love that owl… and the trees.  Oh, forget it.  I can’t decide!

  3. Oooh – how fun they all are.  But my fave is definitely the orange dotty one with the bird. how BEAUTIFUL.

  4. I think the one with the owl is just adorable!

  5. Hi Lisa! Great to see you back :)
    Love them all but I’d go for the first one. It’s elegant AND brown, which means  it will stay clean for longer ;)

  6. I would go for the orange with the birds.  it is so happy!

  7. the orange bird and the owl are super stinkin’ cute!  why not atleast 2 to change it up! hee!

  8. Hi, Lisa! What a tough decision! You said that the bird + orange + polka dots makes you happy just to look at it, and I think we should surround ourselves with things that make us happy. So that would be my pick for you! :-)

  9. so the last one- trees orange felt- sooo cute! that’s the one I’d choose ;) and it’s eco-friendly! how cool is that :)

  10. I like the trees best, not ready for fall colors.  Athough the owl and the little cloud remind me of some of your creations…

  11. Beverly LoPinto says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Welcome back!  I am a total sucker for all things Japanese.  I like the fact that it is neutral–you could add some of your own creativity to it and make it yours.  I KNOW you’d come up with something great.  The others are all appealing too, but I think I’m stuck on the first one because I’d like to see what you might add on!  Good Luck and congratulations on the new website–it’s marvelous. :-)

  12. The owl is cute but it is kind of humbug to take it out of the case everytime your phone rings. Unless you’re getting it to keep your phone safe in your handbag. But I’d get the owl.

  13. The owl!  But then I love owls and have been collecting them for 28 years.

  14. I liked them all. They are so cute.
    If I was buying one for myself I would get the owl…

  15. I vote for #2!  It makes you happy, so you should go with it!  

  16. Love the birdie.

  17. The orange one with the bird and polka dots is the one that looks like it should belong to a paper card crafter. All of them are cute, it’s a hard decision, but go with the orange one!

  18. Lovin the owl!  He’s so cute!

  19. I love the last one trees+orange+more felt.. the second choice is the purple owl and felt.. Lisa.. all of them is soo cute!! no wonder it’s hard for you to decide.. ;)

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