Help me decide!

Okay, so in my last post I showed ya the present that J got for me — now help me decide on a case to keep it in!  These are all on etsy.

First off, there’s this little number —  simple + elegant — and I wear a ton of brown — and it’s Japanese linen — yum!


Then there’s this one, featuring a bird + orange + polka dots!  I wear a ton of orange, too — and it makes me happy just looking at it:


Then there’s this sweetie, with an owl + felt!  You know how I love felt + owls…


Speaking of felt, there’s also this cutie:


And last but not least, trees + orange + more felt — only this felt is made from plastic bottles — cool!


So, help me decide.  Leave a comment with your top pick!

Must. Not. Buy. Them. ALL!

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  1. This is a VERY hard decision, I agree!  I seem to be drawn to that little owl, though.  I mean, how can you resist that owl staring at you, calling your name??? I do love that first one, too!  Clear as mud?

  2. At first I thought you should go with your heart and take the bird – that makes you happy to look at, but the recycled felt (the last one) had caught me :) Go recycled!

  3. I like the one with the orange dots and the birds.  

  4. You might want to stray away from items constructed from felt. if they are acrylic felt, they will pill. and the felt might scratch your item.
    I do love that cloud, and the owl though. the orange bird is cute too!

  5. LOL…I was going to type buy them all until I saw your last line…I say the owlie :)

  6. Hmm…I really like the orange in the second one…it pops!

  7. OH my gosh, you are too funny!  The OWL…you’re an owl person the most…I vote for that one…hehehe….I’m surprised you didn’t show one with a cupcake?

  8. super adorable…you can’t go wrong with any of those cuties! i’d go with the one that has the best closure and accessibility. that sounds way too practical and boring, huh? ;)

  9. I love the third one with the little owl…really makes me think of you!  :)  Have fun with your new toy!

    I love having my hair cut…I need to do that soon!

  10. I’ve had an iTouch for a year and you might want to think about getting a case that is more protective and doesn’t require you to take your phone out to use it. Those cases that you show are all adorable, but you’d have to take the phone out everytime it rang. Your phone begs to be left so that the front is easily accessible. Before you get it scratched, I’d get one of the invisible films that will coat both the front and back of your phone. I thought leaving it in a case would pretty much prevent scratches. NOT. And I have more of them on the back of the unit where it sits covered all the time! And they do show on that shiny surface. I know they are not the most attractive, but some of the cases that have a rubber “rim” surrounding the glass that is higher than the glass front could be a real saving grace the first, or second or third time you drop it. And you will. And the last sound you want to hear is glass breaking. As much as we crafters enjoy cute and homemade, this isn’t the time to go looking there. I ended up getting a leather case from this site: I really like it. It protects the glass well. I really love some of the new designs since last year that just pop open. Have fun with that new phone!

  11. I vote for: “a bird + orange + polka dots”….it matches your blog! (The little bird on your blog is RIGHT NEXT to the picture of this one!)

  12. Oh, Lisa! This is a hard one alright! They are all super duper adorable, but I love the orange with bird one! I hope this help! :)

  13. i love the owl!!!!  I have to et one for myself now too

  14. I love the last one!! So cute! The cloud and bird are close runners up!

  15. Hi Lisa, my favorite is the owl. Ahhh…so cute!

  16. i vote for #1…but all of them are super cute!   :)

  17. Hey Lisa!
    Oh! There all so cute!
    But my pick for you would be #2! Love the neutral colors!

    But then again, #5 for some reason reminds me of Hero Arts Theme!….lol!  Kinda looks like the colors you always use in some of your cards, bright and cheery!

    I’m stuck between #2 and #5….hmmm?  I would get both Lisa…why not huh!  :o)

    Can’t wait to see which one you pick!!


  18. I like the Japanese linen case and the recycled felt case the best.  I’d put whichever one is fastest to get the phone in and out on top.

  19. I love the last one. The first one is great too! I guess I’m with Jason. Maybe you should get them both. ;)

  20. I vote for #2 or #3… They’re all pretty fabulous tho.

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