Hero Arts Sneak Peek #7!

Did you see it on the Hero Blog?

I just love this pine branch stamp!  Didn’t Sally create a fab card?  AND!  Those trees?  I made them with my Silhouette!  At first I was going to put gems on ’em, but then I decided I liked ’em plain.  The pattern was actually supposed to go the other way — it was a cone shape to hold things.  I turned it upside-down and ta dah!  A tree.

More stamping soon — last night we had a Native Prairies Association of Texas board meeting here — 12 people came, was so fun and we got a bunch done.  I fixed this soup and made chocolate syrup for the dessert — can’t believe how easy it is to make, I’m never buying store-bought stuff again!  I’ll share the dessert + the recipe later.

2 Replies to “Hero Arts Sneak Peek #7!”

  1. I really like this stamp and I always like Sally’s cards.  I also like the clear stamps with the cocoa mug, so cute.  Waiting for more sneak peeks.   MOM

  2. Okay, I love these. So simple, pure, pretty. Beautiful work.

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