Ode to Nutella



Hope your weekend is as yummy as a multi-grain English muffin with Nutella on it!  Thanks again to Julie + Alan for sending it to me — all the way from the UK!


Oh and!  Check the label on your Nutella — some — like those sold in the US — have not-so-tasty stuff like partially hydrogenated vegetable oil + high fructose corn syrup.  Sigh.

11 thoughts on “Ode to Nutella”

  1. So glad thaat you get to have the treats all the way from England!! Here in Canada, we can easily get English muffins at regular grocery store, AND I love them with Nutella(just got two huge jars from our Costco here) ! While I was in Paris last May, my family and I loved their popular street food-Crepes with…yup, Nutella! They are YUMMY!Enjoy, Lisa!

  2. If you have a Costco membership, you can get two very big jars for the price of the smaller one that most grocery stores sell. It’s a staple in our house.

  3. stop that! We don’t have any Nutella in the house at the moment and now you are making me think I will have to buy some and hide it from the kids!

    Have you tried mixing it with peanut butter? Rather yummy. Peanut butter, honey (preferably mix the two together) and bana is also very yummy. Also yummy without the banana.

  4. YUM…I need to try that!!!  I have an english muffin every morning with Peanut Butter so something different would be a nice change…going to go to Costco and check it out!!!!
    Hope your Saturday is a great one…..

  5. Having parents from Croatia means that I grew up on Nutella!  And years and years ago before they were here got to enjoy all sorts of nutella chocolate bars in Croatia (I think they still have more than us)  Nutella rocks so much!  I think if you go to a specaility food store like an Italian one and such they may have Nutella from Europe which wouldn’t have the bad stuff in it! :>

  6. OMG, I just got a new jar! I got to have it with my toast every morning with coffee…. Mmmmm heaven!! Lucky you to get it all the way from UK!! :)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

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