Happy, happy Saturdays.

Last Saturday was our 12 year anniversary — we wanted to do something special, so we planned a hike + picnic. It was a gorgeous day — the sky was a deep blue, there were a few clouds to provide welcome shade — it was 102 F — and even though we are in extreme drought here in Central Texas, Doeskin Ranch was looking great!


Just look at all that little bluestem.  If I was a cow, I’d have had a picnic!

We found a shady spot under a juniper to have our own picnic — potato curry kolaches from the Persian bakery down the street, grapes, and rootbeer.  Mmmmm.  But first, we opened letters that we had written to each other.  J’s letter to me made me want to cry it was so sweet.  He also gave me a beautiful necklace — will have to post a pic soon.



Here we are, pausing in the shade.  Even tho it was hot, we had our sun shirts on so that we wouldn’t turn into lobsters, ha!


There were still lots of little things blooming, like this pink growing out of solid rock:


Ahhhh, what a view.


Then after we we finished hiking we went for a swim — felt so good!

This Saturday we’re planning our trip to Japan, which is where we’ll be next Saturday!  Can’t wait.  Oh and I’m working on this, too — can you guess what it is?


J, I can’t wait to see what the rest of our Saturdays will bring.  I love you, and happy anniversary again!

Hope you’re having a great Saturday too,

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  1. Happy anniversary Lisa & Jason… may you celebrate the happiness of today and look forward to new hopes and joys for a beautiful tomorrow.. :)

  2. stampersuzz says:

    Happy Anniversary!  Your pictures are fantastic from your outing!  Planning another trip to Japan!  Wow! How fun.

  3. Sounds like you had a very nice anniversary.  Mike and I spent our 37th anniversary at the Medical Center with Mike getting his gall bladder removed.    Jamie, Eric and Colin went to see Ponyo last weekend end.   Colin liked it, Jamie thought the one you gave Colin was better and Eric slept through it.  Love,  MOM

  4. Happy Anniversary! Looks like it was a great day!

  5. Oh my gosh, you two are just the sweetest couple – picnics and little letters to each other….just perfect….can’t wait to see your pretty necklace!  Have lots of relaxation in Japan, pls. keep us posted with all the happenings while you are over there! 

  6. Happy Belated Anniversary!  What  a wonderful way to celebrate your special day.  May you enjoy many more to come!

  7. happy anniversary…looks like you guys had so much fun! :)

  8. How ROMANTIC!! You guys just rock!
    Happy Anniversary!
    God Bless!

  9. Hi, Lisa! Sounds like a fabulous anniversary celebration! I’m guessing you’re working on a terrarium! :-)

  10. Fabulous photos Lisa.  And…looks like a fab picnic and day!

  11. Lovely photos, lisa – thank you for sharing. Happy anniversary to you both!

    I think that’s a terrarium you’re making there….

  12. donna mikasa says:

    Belated best wishes on your 12th Anniversary!  Thanks for sharing photos from an awesome day!  Looks like a terrarium to me….got a pet frog?

  13. Happy Belated Anniversary! Looks like you had a lovely time!

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