Rainy Sunday Adventures in Tokyo

Hi everyone!  We’ve been having tons of fun in Tokyo.  I’ve been taking lots of pictures — of course, ha ha! — and thought I’d share some from our rainy adventures from yesterday.

We started off by catching the JR Chuo Line to Mitaka to go to the Studio Ghibli Museum. We’re big Studio Ghibli fans — if you’ve never heard of them, they made Ponyo, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, and many others!


And then we took the bus to the museum — check out the soot sprites on the bus — too cute!


You aren’t permitted to take photos within the museum itself, so I can’t show you all of the super cool animation related exhibits — some were truly amazing — but the grounds are fair game!  One of the many things I love about Studio Ghibli is their emphasis on taking care of the environment and being green, and the grounds really reflect that:


The roofs have gardens on top, and this one even has a cool robot from Castle In the Sky:


There were beautiful flowers too, like this trumpet vine:


And this beautiful bell shaped flower:


So fun.

Then we hopped back on the JR Chuo Line and transferred to the Tokyo Metro to go to Akiharaba and Yodobashi Camera.  But first, we ate a quick lunch at a French bakery — a corn + cheese roll for J and a salty bean + cheese bun for me, yum!



Then we zipped through the rain to Yodobashi Camera:


It’s a mecca for computer geeks + photographers alike, so J and I were both in our glory!  They had Snow Leopard on the Macs already, looks neat!  We picked up a miniature wi-fi 802.11n router — I’m using it right now to write this post — plus a miniature 4 port USB hub, and some more geeky goodness.  I also left some serious drool marks over the Fuji Instax Mini 7s — I think I’m going to have to go back and get one…if I can decide whether to get the white or choco version — what do you think?


On the one hand, the white version is very Mac-y!  But look at how yummy the choco one is, mmmm.  Help me decide!

The other cool thing from yesterday was that it was the Japanese national election day — we read that there was 70% voter turnout, wow!

Okay, that’s it for now!  Today we’re going to head to Yokohama, J gives a presentation there at CEDEC tomorrow.  Better get packing, we’re staying there overnight.

More soon!

18 Replies to “Rainy Sunday Adventures in Tokyo”

  1. Sounds like you are having a busy but fun time.   Colin would love the studio.  The character and movie you got him last year, he loves and he has been talking about Ponyo since he saw it a couple weeks ago.  Well have fun, be careful and talk to you soon.   Love,  MOM

  2. Cool pics Lisa.  I didn’t realize you were in Japan.  Fun!

    And that camera is just too cute!  I’m with you.  The brown is so unique.

  3. Oh, how lucky you are to take that trip!  My little guy & I love Howl’s Moving Castle and have it on DVD, and I also have an Instax (very fun!).  If we ever get a trip like that I’d be in heaven…in the meantime we’ll keep doing our bento lunches (thank goodness for ebay!).  Have a great time and I can’t wait to see more!

  4. Great pictures, Lisa! Looks like fun. As far as the camera, hard decision, but I vote for the chocolate one.

  5. Wow, love all your photos, looks like you’re having fun and LOVE that huge robot!  So cool!  Thanks for keeping us updated with your travels!

  6. I vote chocolate. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate, even in a camera color!

    Beautiful photos!

  7. Wow – amazing photos Lisa – it looks gorgeous.  Have a wonderful trip.  And I’d go for the white camera – it’s so sleek looking. :)
    Have FUN!!! Love Lucy

  8. I would definately go with the choco!

    Thanks for sharing you photos–looks like you are having a great time.  My son would love the giant robot–looks like the Iron Giant.

  9. This is just so cool I want to jump up and down! Makes my little {traveling} heart go pitter patter! I cannot wait to see more! Oh, I’d go back and grab one of those cameras too! White chocolate or milk chocolate- you just cannot go wrong! :-)

  10. Looks like you’re having fun!!! I saw the camera a while back and was going to get one off of Ebay but forgot to. I ended up picking up a Selphy printer instead and try to make my photos print similar to a polaroid. I’d love to get one of them Fuji one day… the white one for me :)

  11. Wow, thanks for sharing your adventure! The pics are amazing! Both cameras are cool – but I’d go for brown, why not?

  12. Lisa, Jason,
    Ooh loved hearing about your travels and seeing the pictures. Best one is the one with the Robot , too cute. I would stick with the white camera, after visiting Hershey this summer, I am put off strong chocolate smells.

  13. My beloved Tokyo!! I’m really enjoying your posts from Japan, Lisa. My hubs and I are huge fans of La Vie de France, we used to have breakfast there. Those orange croissants!!! And the round ones with maple icing!! Yummm!!
    Have lots of fun!

  14. Ohayoo, Lisa and Jason!  Such great photos and I’m getting so excited! We leave at the end of the month and just seeing your Copics is making me want to pack already!  Chalk up another vote for the CHOCOLATE camera….so yummy looking!

  15. okay, I’m jealous! he he now that I got that out of my system……awesome pictures!!!!!!!! Oh get the chocolate brown….I could eat it!!!!

  16. AWESOME photos of your Tokyo adventure. LOVE the scenery and shops there! And the assorted markers make me drool all ove…. (my key board is soaked). Travel safe!!!

  17. the CHOCOLATE one!!! will u please let me know how much u got it for too? i’m flying over soon to get it!!!! =D

  18. […] — it’s gotta be one of the best donut places in the whole world!  I brought along my choco Fuji Instax camera to mark the […]

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