Japanese masking tape == YUM.


I discovered Japanese masking tape a while back and have obsessed with it ever since!  So when we went to Japan I was on the lookout for more + I hit the jackpot…


This tape is so cool — there are solids, patterns and different widths.  It has a pretty texture to it, and love how you can layer it to get new colors.  Mmmmmm, makes me hungry just looking at it!


Supplies: Stamp by Hero Arts, transparency with owl by Hambly, box of masking tape from Japan by mt, dotted masking tape from my stash.

I even used a piece of the tape to secure the transparency to the card (on the inside).

For more cool things you can do with the tape, check out a gallery here.  You’ll never look at masking tape the same way again, ha!  But I must warn you, you will want them ALL…and since I know you’ll ask, here’s where I started my addiction.

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  1. Looks like Fun stuff Lisa…..What a great way to add color to a card!!

  2. OMGoodness….definitely YUM!!

  3. Wow! What a great addiction!

  4. Cool! Preeeeeety colors Lisa!
    2 words for ya my friend…………..{heart} it!

  5. Super cute! I love this idea!

  6. I love the background you made.  I may have to have a coworker heading to japan next month pick some up for me.  I love this card!

  7. OMG, Lisa! What are you doing to me?!!! I love the masking tape! My friend got two for me from Japan years ago; I save them until now.  I know where to buy them I can use them now….hee hee!!

    Love your card, so adorable!! TFS!

  8. STUNNING card, Lisa! That tape is so cool and fresh. Love the Hambly overlay too. I think I might have that overlay. I need to break out the Hambly stuff more often.

  9. Oh Lisa, wow! Love your card and I am now drooling over that masking tape… something else to join my way too long wishlist!  Jo x

  10. donna mikasa says:

    That tape is sooo cool!  Love those colors and plaid design…

  11. Lisa!
    I love it…can’t wait to get the real thing…:)

  12. http://www.moma.org has a pack of 10 for $25

  13. You can also get them here with a lot more selections. The price is just as good or better if you use the specials:

  14. Yah! I bought them from Prettytape and they are awesome! (also, cheaper than anywhere else)
    My friend is going to Japan in April, I want him to bring me back some. Where did you find yours and how much do they typically run over there? :) Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

  15. I am in love with these beautiful tapes and I love your ideas, they are awsome! I got my tapes from a store called “littlehappythings1” on Etsy. They are new, but their price is the best so far as I know, and the owner is very sweet to deal with. If anyone is interested, you can check here:
    I have a box of collection of the tapes and still can’t get enough of them!

  16. I got mine here also – seem more honest with shipping cost and overall cost for N. America:

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    Japanese masking tape == YUM.

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